10 Things Everyone Forgets to Bring to the Beach

10 Things Everyone Forgets to Bring to the Beach

Great Article on Jessica Smartt’s Pinterest Page – 10 Things Everyone Forgets to Bring to the Beach

  1. Scissors – I was shocked how many times I needed scissors on this vacation. While I was cooking, for clothes, for random tags of things…Just bring the scissors.
  2. All sizes of Ziplock baggies. I get them at Aldi. Between snacks and meal leftovers and little mementos from the beach…we find hundreds of uses.
  3. Summer medical kit. Be sure to include stuff for cuts (we had three on this vacation!), splinters (all the boardwalks!), sunburns and bites!
  4. Baby powder. I NEVER use baby powder on my babies…until the beach! We all use it to dry away the sand. I like having two cases, one in my beach bag and one in the bathroom.
  5. Desitin. It’s not just for diaper rash! If you have kids who boogie board, play in the sand etc, they will probably get body rashes. Desitin is the perfect ointment for all-over rashes.
  6. Salt and pepper – we are a big salt and pepper family and they never have it anywhere!
  7. Drying rack – I just purchased  this onepastedGraphic.png and it was so nice to have.
  8. Lots of hand soap, lots of hand towels or paper towels for all the bathrooms. Obviously you’ll need this in a beach house type-scenario and not so much in a hotel.
  9. Indoor activities for kids – The kids played Board Games at night, and it was so helpful to have some coloring books and markers on hand. Whenever they started getting crazy, we sat them all down and made them color. Magic! Play dough is another good option.
  10. Long-sleeve clothes. It was 85 degrees during the day for our trip, but at night it was VERY breezy and the kids were freezing by the time they got out of the water and showered! Every night they wore warm clothes, and honestly I should have packed more! Don’t forget socks, yoga pants (for mama), sweatshirts, long pants and a long sleeve t or two. (And warm pajamas for baby if the AC gets too cold in the house!)
  11. Disposable dish-washing cloths – I don’t typically buy these, but they never have enough linens in rental homes, and inevitably you’ll need to wash something (or lots of somethings, if you cook all your meals). These little things are so handy to have and then just throw out, and you may not be able to find them in a local store.

From Jessica Smartt – Be a Different Kind of Mom Smartter Every Day

In order to meet the CDC ‘s guidelines due to  COVID-19, add hand sanitizer, masks for each person and Clorox or sanitizing wipes.  Before you go, be sure to speak with the owner of the condo as a few condo owners provide several of these items and it will save you having to pack and bring them with you.

Be safe and Enjoy the Beach!


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