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The #BookDirect Movement

At Florida Rental By Owners, we believe in connecting travelers directly with vacation rental owners. It’s one of our core values. We are all about authentic, open communication which helps the traveler book direct saving hundreds of dollars off of a reservation. Many travelers are completely unaware that alternatives to pay-per-booking online travel agencies are growing rapidly. We’re seeing an exodus of owners fed up with the huge online travel agencies (OTAs) hiding their traveler service fees on their reservation systems.

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What is #BookDirect Day?

2018 marks the first inaugural year where vacation rental owners, hoteliers, and no-fee listing websites come together with a united voice, dedicated to educating guests about online travel agency’s rising “traveler service fees” associated with booking a reservation through their websites.  HomeAway, VRBO, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Priceline, etc… are all examples of online travel agencies that charge their travelers “traveler service fees”. Sometimes it’s really hard to find these hidden fees. It’s important to uncover all the details when booking anything on the internet. Below is an example of how to uncover hidden traveler service fees to find out just how much you are paying to book a vacation rental on an OTA website.

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Example of Hidden Traveler Service Fees

In this example to book a vacation rental for a one week stay in the summer, this traveler can expect to pay $222.00 to the OTA for connecting them to the vacation rental property owner. Wow… and they didn’t even buy you dinner first before… well you get the idea!


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Did You Know You Usually Get Better One on One Service by Booking Directly with an Owner?

When you book direct, you have direct contact with the property manager or owner. OTAs block direct communication with owners until they receive a booking reservation. Only until then will you be able to speak on the phone with an owner and when booking a vacation rental, peace of mind is extremely important, you’re going on a stress-free vacation after all. If you need to know if there is a grill, a kayak, how the TV remote works, how to adjust the temperature of a pool, how to turn on the air conditioning, where is the nearest grocery store a property manager or owner can answer you quickly and efficiently. When you book direct, you can find out many of these important questions and more before you commit to a reservation and should you need help during your stay.

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What Happens When there is an Emergency?

Occasionally emergencies and extreme weather happen. You may need to get answers fast. No matter what type of Confidence Guarantee is offered with an OTA their 24/7 offshore call center based thousands of miles away in countries like India won’t be able to help you. A property owner or manager can quickly help you with evacuation routes, local clinic, hospital information and emergencies details as well as recommended travel insurance companies dedicated to the unique needs of the area.

Did You Know You Get the Best Price by Booking Directly with the Owner?

Contrary to what major OTAs advertise the best price isn’t always on the OTAs. Unlike hotels, OTAs and aggregators (like Airbnb, Expedia,,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, and FlipKey) don’t have the best price for travelers. In fact, you can save hundreds by booking directly with the owner, not only avoiding the service traveler fee but getting the best rock bottom price directly from the owner, especially for last minute deals.In fact, many owners have to incur booking commissions from these online giants. Anywhere from 3 – 15% of the reservation. To offset these costs owners will often try to bump up their rental rates. Booking directly with the owner always gets you the best deal. It’s a great idea to start exploring legitimate regional listing websites found on the vacation home rental network like An owner is more interested in booking out their property than letting it sit vacant.

Did You Know Many Luxurious Vacation Rentals aren’t listed on the Major Online Travel Giants?

Many of the best vacation rentals aren’t even listed on the major sites. We’re seeing an Exodus of owners from VRBO and HomeAway towards regional booking sites like Florida Rental By Owners( Because of the cost of using the big sites, the best vacation homes with the highest demand cannot be found on the big websites. Along North Carolina’s beaches, alone, only 30 percent of the homes for rent can be found on the big websites. By limiting your search to the aggregating websites, you might be missing out on the best vacation home for your family or group.

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You can get the Best Insider Tips by Booking Directly with an Owner

Managers and property owners have intimate knowledge of their destinations. They can direct you to the best sports rentals, restaurants, things to do, tour operators and travel experiences for your dream vacation.

Does Your Party have Special Needs?

If you have special needs, a manager or homeowner can help. Looking for help with your family’s special needs or help with pets? A manager or owner can work with you directly to help with any of your individual needs and give you these assurances before you commit to a booking.

Did You Know Often Owners Offer Repeat Guests Preferred Pricing?

If you are a model guest, Owners will often offer you a discount on your next reservation. There are also other reward style options such as referring other guests, extra nights for free, special priviledges and more. Just ask your favorite owner when you want to return, even if it is years later. Now we know the large online travel agencies don’t offer that type of specialized service.

Imagine What You Can Do With the Traveler Service Fee Savings

There are so many things that you can do with the money you will save on Traveler Service Fees. From sports rentals like kayaking, SUP boards, bikes, golf cart rentals, fishing rods to travel tours and experiences like Segways, horseback riding, parasailing, jet skiing, boating, fishing charters, and practical things like groceries for the week to enjoy at your vacation rental or more dining out and shopping. The possibilities are endless. Isn’t it time you started booking the Same Vacation Rentals for Less? Start Exploring on Florida Rental By Owners.

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Check Out #BookDirect Day Deals

On February 7, 2018, many vacation rental homeowners and property managers are celebrating booking directly by offering special deals and promotions. Contact your favorite vacation rental today to find out if they are participating on Florida Rental By Owners.

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