Crooked Island Beach

Crooked Island Beach

Crooked Island Beach near Tyndall Air Force Base is the place to go for beach shells. It is about an hour’s drive from Pinnacle Port unless traffic is heavy. If you get to Mexico beach, you missed it. Check out their Facebook page at

Here is their STORY from their Facebook page:

There lies a desolate coast along the eastern edge of Tyndall AFB, where one must traverse through woods filled with wildlife – bear, fox, deer, all manner of nocturnals, bobcats too – to reach the water’s edge. Over a boardwalk weathered by the winds and sand and time, through the dunes, the sound of the water comes to you, whispers at first, then louder, a soft sound, calling to you, causing your breath to catch in anticipation. Boardwalk’s edge, you kick your flip flops off – no one will take them, they’re safe there along with all the others left behind – and over the low dunes you go, forging ahead into the whiteness, the crystalline sands sent here a million years ago through lakes and streams born out of the Appalachians. Emerald green waters greet you, pull to you, sweeping upon the shore inviting you in for a cool stroll. Sand dollars and conch, olive shells and the beautiful multicolored, opalescent inside of the clam, cast upon the moist sand like so much jewelry strewn across a wet blanket. This land, this shore – it is an ever growing, constantly evolving, living creature, never the same from one visit to the next, always holding back a surprise for the next. I love this beach, more than any other in the world. It calls to me, whispers to me, “come, come again…I’m here for you. come find your peace within my sands.”

Crooked Island Beach, Crooked Island Rd., Tyndall AFB, FL

Try it you will like it.

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