Escape the Holidays – How to Travel Stress Free

Escape the Holidays – How to Travel Stress Free

ESCAPE THE HOLIDAYS:  How To Travel Stress-Free

A holiday celebration with loved ones can be a fantastic tradition for some people, but can turn others into bumbling stress-balls – especially if traveling is involved. No matter if you are going to see your family, spending some alone time abroad, or getting away from everything with that special someone, holiday travel doesn’t need to be a nightmare. A few simple tips can go a long way in making sure you end the year on a stress-free note.

Basic Travel Tips

Make sure you plan well in advance. Trying to get your plans locked down about a month before your departure date will eliminate the hassles of last-minute travel plans. It will also allow you the time to pack everything that you need as well as give you time to plan the little things that make your trip so worth it. If you can, avoid busy days and travel times. Most people get the week of Christmas off, so try to avoid making a big trek during that Friday evening after 5pm, and that Saturday morning from about 6 to 11 a.m. This will allow you to have a clear road or an airport free (or almost free) of huge lines.

Visiting Relatives

If you have a large clan, make sure that you allow yourself time to visit with the parts of your family that you really want to see. Creating a potluck that allows family members over to one central place and removes the stress of food prep is always a fantastic idea. Keep in mind that you are a visitor and this is not your home, so events and traditions may run a little differently than if you were hosting a get-together, but that is the compromise of getting to spend quality time with your family. To keep from getting too overwhelmed, make sure you plan out some alone time for yourself and your travel companions.

Solo Trips

Solo trips might be the most stress-free of all since you’re able to call all of the shots on where you want to go and what you want to do. They allow you the most time and space to celebrate the holidays your way. Make sure you follow basic travel guidelines and avoid busy times for flights and road trips. It is also a good idea to keep your normal daily rituals intact to maintain a sense of familiarity and structure while you’re away. This kind of trip might get a little lonely at times, but you’ll come back refreshed and ready to face the new year.

Romantic Getaways

One of the easiest ways to avoid stress on a trip with your significant other is to make the holiday all about you rather than the people you think you should be spending the holidays with. That way, there aren’t any hurt feelings or discussions about who’s family you’re going to see and spend time with – it is just about your relationship. You can make plans to go out of the country and spend time in Spain or England for their wonderful Christmastime festivals. It might be even more relaxing, though, to spend that same time somewhere closer to home. The Southeast has some great beaches, like Panama City or Destin in Florida, and just about any beach along the coast of Alabama. Either way, you should find time to do things that you both want to do, even if that means just enjoying the warm weather and doing nothing at all.

The holidays don’t have to be stressful. Have a plan in place that includes a little wiggle room for hiccups and personal time, and you will come back with fond memories and a fresh perspective for the new year.

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Article by: Henry Moore

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