Loggerhead Turtle Nests at Pinnacle Port in Panama City Beach

Loggerhead Turtle Nests at Pinnacle Port in Panama City Beach

One of three Loggerhead turtle nests located at Pinnacle Port hatched on Monday and on Thursday the Turtle Watch People excavated the nest to find a total of 137 eggs. One hundred six hatchlings made it to the ocean; 14 hatched but were unaccounted for; 6 did not mature into hatchlings and 1 hatchling was rescued from the nest and taken to a dark beach where it was released.

The turtle season in Panama City Beach is from May 1 through October 31. Once the turtles lay their eggs, they hatch anywhere from 50 to 70 days later. There are two more nests at Pinnacle Port; one should hatch around the 25th of September and the other one around October 25.

Only 1 out of 1000 live the 28 years necessary to reproduce due to predators, etc. If you’re staying at Pinnacle Port, turn off all bright lights at night and use red covers over flash lights as hatchlings try to follow the light and are not able to find their way to the ocean.

Watching the endangered turtles is quite a site to see; bring your children and let them experience the re-creation of an endangered species.


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