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Prayers Requested for Panama City Beach as Hurricane Michael approaches

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Please include Panama City Beach (Romantic Beach Condo at Pinnacle Port) in your prayers as Hurricane Michael approaches. The storm is expected to make landfall on Thursday October 10, 2018 around 1 PM. While they can’t be certain, the eye of the storm should be between Panama City Beach and Mexico Beach at CATEGORY 3 with the possibility of becoming Category 4.

Thousands of guests and homeowners/condo owners were evacuated thanks to a mandatory evacuation order by 6 AM on October 9; however, many have chosen to remain and weather the storm. Pray that all be safe and the damage will be minimal.

Most restaurants, business and condos shut down operations as of noon October 9 which shows the significance of this storm. Gas is in short supply and the outbound roadways have been at capacity most of today.

It is in God’s hands and he’s got it. Thanks to all for the prayers.

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